Adult Animated Series

“After the country of Parkeszi is bombed with a mysterious chemical, exotic mutations begin to develop in over 60% of Earth’s population. 45 years later, a group of strangers come together to find the origins of the bomb.”

Anomalied would follow Maeve Marcinek, 24, a determined but nervous leader, in her travels with her “squad” to various locations trying to uncover the secrets that shroud the infamous bombing of Parkeszi. Her squad, composed of strangers from a social media group, some friends and her boyfriend, help in the journey after she finds incriminating evidence from her grandmother’s past which jumpstarts their search. 

On the way, they uncover more and more about the origins of the bomb, the motives behind it’s drop and that the reasonings may not be as clear as they once thought. The group starts small in their home city, following up on leads, and eventually go into international territories until they finally end up in the bomb’s originating country.


The story would be told as an animated series that would run for around three or four seasons. It would be an adult animated show hopefully picked by a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu or HBO Max.