Music Video for the band Crash Adams

This music video is the work of a number of people, the vision and direction for the video came from the band, characters storyboarding and most of the animation come from myself, most of the backgrounds came from 3D artist Tessa DeHart and some animation came from 2D animator Mia Frazier.



I knew the band Crash Adams from music placement on a Spotify placement of mine. When they announced that they were making an animated music video but no one to make it yet, I leaped at the opportunity and offered myself to be their producer for the video. They immediately accepted my offer.

First thing I gave them was a link to a Pinterest board with styles of my own drawing style as well as some other art and aesthetic images to start figuring out the direction of art and animation style they wanted to go with. They gave me a few images back and I started drawing up character designs. 



We went through a lot different body, face and hair styles during the first week. They didn’t know what style they wanted for the "Caroline" character so I gave them a few options on that as well. We started with the frontrunners of the band and then went onto secondary band members and Caroline. Caroline had a few different styles during that week as well.



After a week of going through the character designs, this is what the band decided on. They said that they wanted the designs to be perfect in case they want to use the characters in merchandise designs in the future. 

Character Models
Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 7.21.36 PM.png


After character designs were finalized, we went through their notes on what they wanted to see in the video. We had multiple FaceTime calls to go over these notes and amend and redact as needed or wanted.



The next thing on the agenda was to gather the team. I went through the profiles of a number of fellow students and landed on a few that I knew would do the job well and work under the schedule and pay we were offering. The team I worked with did a good job with the short timeframe they were given. It is also to be noted that this was happening late in the spring semester and people were busy with final projects. This was our schedule and breakdown and who was doing what jobs and at what times.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 7.09.30 PM.png


After the team was in the place, I got to work on the storyboards. More calls were made to go over the style direction and pacing of the video.



Production went into full swing after the storyboards and initial animatic were finished. The next few weeks were animating and communicating. Making sure that deadlines were being hit, that the band was happy with what was being created and that everything was on schedule to be finished on time. 

The band was very clear about what they wanted which was lots and lots of color, "trippy" visuals and elasticity. At the beginning, I used only solid colors until I realized gradients gave the video a whole new look.



When the video finally dropped on Youtube on June 20, 2020, it was a very exciting moment. The reception of the video was very positive, many comments making note of the animation and video's fun look. The band was very pleased with the final video and the positive feedback from their fans.