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June 27th-July 5th

Craft mode was initiated this week! I printed out and started cutting out my Winter Soldier arm out of the EVA foam that had been laying on the floor flattening out. I had never used foam to make props before and I was excited and a bit nervous to start on this project. I bought the template for the arm on Etsy and with some adjusting and trimming, it fit my arm perfectly.

My first try wasn't a success though. The wood burning technique I used on the foam did not look hot and I started the process over again. I got the lines to look the way I wanted and started on priming the pieces for the airbrushing. I did three coats of Worbla flexbond primer and three coats of black plastidip. I finished off the arm pieces with Alclad II airbrush paint in chrome.

It was all looking really great until the addition of the iconic star on the bicep. I used masking tape the first time and the paint blend right underneath it. Tried it again and it bled through it. Currently, the arm is still sitting in my garage with a different tape acting as the stencil and I have my fingers crossed that it'll look good when I take the tape off!

In terms of drawing, I was busy on that front too. I was able to visit my favorite coffee shop in the city for the first time in forever, Jackalope. The energy of that place is immaculate and during my time there this week, I was able to get some sketches done of my character, Ryan Connors. In my time working on Anomalied, Ryan has become a favorite of mine and drawing him in his "original state" was a fun thing to do while sipping on my iced tea.

A digital piece from this week came as courtesy of my current muse, Sebastian Stan. Technically, a muse is defined as "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." and for me right now, he is most definitely that.....also "muse" sounds better than "obsession" so. But I digress, new set photos came out from the show he's working on right now and there was one photo that really peeked my interest and so I decided to draw it. I'm in a phase of trying new things and I did this new piece in a slightly different style than what I'm used to doing so we'll see how it goes over with folks in the social realm. I like it, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Here's to another week of creating!

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