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June 20-26

Most of the beginning half of this week was spent working on finishing my portrait of Florence Pugh. I had been dragging my heels on the piece since I was worried about the clothing I'd have to draw. I'm not very experienced with drawing clothing and so that and the and armor in this piece was going to be a bit of a challenge. In my previous "charcoal" drawings, I either cropped the piece so I wouldn't have to draw the clothing or chose a subject who wasn't wearing much on the top half. Alongside working on that piece, I went through the photos in my "things I want to draw" folder and found some other things to occupy me before tackling the clothing on Florence.

Keeping in the theme of my current art obsession, I took some screenshots from Captain America: The Winter Soldier I had on my phone and decided to draw a few. Sebastian Stan's facial expressions in that film are so intense and convey so much emotion even when half of his face is covered. My hyperfixation on him and his character have been going on since march and as of right now, I don't see an end to it any time soon. Right now, I don't have any plans on bringing those sketches to a finished product but I did end up posting them on Instagram just because I liked how they looked.

Earlier in the week, I watched the new Pixar film, Luca and just absolutely fell in love with the character designs and cute story. Not everything needs to be a Soul or Inside Out and give us an existential crisis, sometimes a simple movie is exactly what we need and this certainly delivered in that regard. Naturally I had to take a crack at drawing the characters. Drawing something in a style so different from my own is always a good time and gives me new ideas for drawing my own characters. This was also the first time I had used my watercolors since last summer. As difficult as the Florence Pugh portrait was, drawing and coloring in these guys was almost harder. I take advantage of my undo/redo and liquify functions on Procreate constantly and going from a medium where thats allowed to one where it's not can be a bit jarring. I had to catch myself a few times from double tapping my sketchbook! I'm hoping to work more in my sketchbook this summer and remind myself why I make art. I make it for myself and I think recently, I've lost that a little. Not everything needs to be shared and posted, some things should be for you and only you.

This upcoming week I plan on working more on my watercolors and also on my C2E2 cosplay side project. Before I get into cutting and painting, I'll need to learn how to actually use the airbrush I bought! I'm very excited to get to working with it though!

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