• shelbylerner99

July 5th-11th

With a lot of life things taking up most of my time, I wasn't able to get down to my office and make art too often. Between getting ready for our big family party in July and getting my C2E2 cosplay completed, most of my free time is spent dirtied up in my garage painting or sanding something. This week I turned 22 and I took a moment to look back at my year in creating. I turned 21 in the middle of quarantine last July and so most of my art reflects life in quarantine and finding most of my inspiration online and through schoolwork. On a normal year, my sketchbooks would be filled with things from the Art Institute and observations from the Chicago parks. I hope they'll soon look like that again.

In terms of cosplay work, I was able to finish up a lot of things, the back harness and knife holster are pretty much completed which means all I have to do is wait for my airbrush paint to be delievered and I can retouch my arm and red star. After that is painting the shield and assembling the shield harness and then I'm done! I thought starting this project so early was silly but by the time I'll be done with it, it'll have taken me three months to complete it. Starting something like in say October while I'm working on my grad school courses would not have been fun. I'd rather have it be done now so by the time December rolls around, I'll just have to pull it from my closet and put it on.

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